About us

We, Justa and Erik Baumann, started in 2003 with glass fusing. We have developed our own style in the last few years. You often see this in our work, the one loves waves and water, while the other works more in straight lines. The nice thing about this is that it also works together and this creates very playful combinations.

It’s always an exciting moment to see the work being a success after the heating process.
Glass remains a natural product, the finished product can look different from what you meant, but this can actually be a positive thing.

It’s our intention to make something beautiful, something you like to look at. Glass remains surprising because it looks different in other light settings.

We specialize in glass items, scales and window decorations. We also make glass pendants for various purposes, such as jewelry or as decoration in the garden.
Of course it’s also possible to commission work.